Intelligent Automated Industrial Training Portal



  • Lakshitha Deshapriya
  • Ishan Madhusanka
  • Ishani Paranawithana
  • Titus Nandakumara


  • Prof. Roshan G. Ragel


The complex process of training placement process for undergraduates was handled by manually over the past years. Collecting students CVS and preferences for companies, collecting company requirements, grouping students for companies and scheduling interviews were the main activities of the process. Handling the process manually consumes a considerable amount of time and result is also not much accurate. Therefore, as the solution, an intelligent training portal with the characteristics of recommendation engine was introduced to automate the process. The system consists two significant components; the front-end implementation and the back-end implementation. The back-end implementation includes both the authentication server and resource server where important decisions are made through machine learning. Various classification algorithms and data that was collected throughout past years were used to train the system to classify the students for companies which have a higher probability of accepting them.

Tags: Software and Systems