Optimized Timetable Generator Using Genetic Algorithm



  • Avindu Hendawitharana
  • Mayuri Illesinghe
  • Jayani Sumudini
  • Dr. Pantaleon Perera


  • Mr. D. S. Deegalla


Timetable scheduling is a very important process in any university or academic institution. The courses should be arranged to a set of timeslots satisfying hard and soft constraints. Manual creation of timetables is an expertise work also it consumes lot of time and human effort. To address all these problems, we introduce an automatic timetable generator which is a web application. The proposed system will take different inputs among lecturers, students and the others such as, number of students, lecture halls, lecturers, capacity of lecture halls, etc. Then it will create feasible timetable making excellent application of all resources which will be best suited for the constraints. In this research paper we will discuss how to automate the timetable scheduling process using Genetic algorithm which is a heuristic approach. Furthermore this paper deals with how to select the algorithm and how to design the conceptual architecture of a timetable generator.

Tags: Software and Systems