Visual Designing Platform for Wireless Sensor Network



  • Rosen Silva
  • Asela Rukmal
  • Nadith Malinda


  • Dr. Asitha Bandaranayake
  • Prof. Roshan G. Ragel


Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) are being widely used for sensing physical parameters in a broad geographical area. The person who needs WSN will only have a pictorial idea about how many sensor nodes are needed and what are they going to measure and how are they should be connected. The problem in the traditional method is that the person who needs the WSN should explain the pictorial view of the sensor network to a commercial vendor and buy it from them or they should design it from the scratch. What we proposed in our solution is that to create a platform so that the person who needs the WSN can directly draw the pictorial view on a canvas and then the platform will automatically generate all the required firmware for the microcontrollers and wiring diagrams. The user is required only to follow few instructions to complete the real world implementation of the WSN. So basically this project is about developing a visual platform to design WSN. The WSN designing platform was built as a web application, so it can manage a large number of supported sensors and microcontrollers, which means if one user adds the device driver for any a sensor or a microcontroller the rest of the world can directly use it from the platform without worrying about the hardware programming. Also if anyone needs a new sensor or microcontroller to be supported by this visual design platform, this will have interfaces to directly add new sensors and microcontrollers. Also, the designers will be able to switch the networking technology as per the requirement. This method is affordable to develop custom wireless sensor networks and increase the productivity, health, and economy accordingly.

Tags: Computer and Network Security