Implementing an Affordable Environmental Monitoring and Controlling System (EMCS) for Greenhouse.



  • Lashan Faliq
  • Himasha De silva
  • Dinuka Nadeeshan


  • Prof. Roshan G. Ragel
  • Dr. Asitha Bandaranayake


Traditional farming methods are becoming ineffective due to the increase of population and reducing land for cultivation. Therefore precision agriculture or more precisely greenhouses are important in this day and age also to get the maximum precision in the controlled environment we discussed the importance of a controlling and monitoring system to be in effect. Further, we discussed why a Wireless Sensor Network or WSN was used and which WSN is most suited to a monitoring and control system. Further, it was discussed about most of the frequently used sensors and the system architectures used in most of the papers and how our architecture is similar or different from those. Then we discussed the uses of self-learning and image processing in the field of precision agriculture and how our project uses a deep learning model to control the actuators. Finally, we are using an image processing model to identify optimal conditions of specific plants in a Controlled Environment.

Tags: Embedded Systems and Computer Architecture