Application of Swarm Intelligence in Multi-Robot Systems



  • Kaushal Amarasinghe
  • Shashika Chathuranga
  • Milinda Sandaruwan


  • Prof. Roshan G. Ragel
  • Dr. Isuru Nawinne


This paper is about the Swarm Robotics research that is still going on. First, an introduction into the Swarm Robotics and Swarm Intelligence is given and the current status of the research that is found in the field of Swarm Robotics is explained. Moreover, related work in the field of Swarm Robotics is also discussed. Then, problems that are found and our approach to solve a few of those problems are discussed. Next, the methodology that was used and a few experiments that were done are explained. Thereafter, it contains the results analysis and the findings of this project. Finally, the conclusions and future work are discussed. Swarm Robotics is basically a swarm of robots working together collaboratively to perform a simple task. Swarm Intelligence is one of the main techniques used in Swarm Robotics. Swarm Intelligence is seemingly unintelligent robot units working together to achieve a common goal in a way that it appears they have an intelligence of their own. Applying Swarm Intelligence into a robot system gave the rise to the idea of Swarm Robotics. There are many use cases for swarm robotics ranging from education robots to life rescuing robots in cases of emergency. There are even swarms of robots in the air too.

Tags: Embedded Systems and Computer Architecture