Automation of Battlefield Area Evaluation for Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield



  • Mareena Fernando
  • Kasuni Hemasika
  • Indumini Ayomi


  • Dr. Janaka Alawatugoda
  • Dr. Isuru Nawinne


Most of the countries around the world has at least a single unit to protect the country from any outside attackers, natural disasters or any other threats that requires the support of a well-trained, intelligent group of people. Such groups can be infantry forces, naval forces, air forces or other humanitarian assistance forces. In front of such destructivesituations these forces have to gather intelligence on the location, enemy, weather, vegetation, infrastructure and many more before making decisions. Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield is the name given for that process of analyzing the situation and making decisions based on predictions. So this report is focused on the very first phase of Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield, Battlefield Area Evaluation. This report presents detailed information on the background research on Automated Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield, the proposed solution which is based on Geographical Information Systems (GIS), algorithm that used to obtain the areas where enemy and friendly forces can go and cannot go, implementation details