Portable Executable Dependency Scanner



  • B.I.I. Nugawela
  • R. Keerthana
  • S.S.E. Vanderputt


  • Prof. Roshan G. Ragel


The purpose of this study is to come up with a software tool capable of supporting in resolving issues with binaries (dependencies of binaries) which share Portable Executable File Format and also to be used as an inspection tool to view the information contained in such a file. The tool to supports files of format.DLL and.EXE and is packed with a graphical user interface that makes the tool very user-friendly so that even a nontech savvy person can operate the tool. Apart from the user experience, it provides all the information a Portable Executable inspection tool is supposed to provide. Although there are lots of alternative tools present in this domain none of them provides all the essential features which are needed to inspect and resolve dependency issues. In addition to the usual features like displaying dependency trees, import-export mismatches detection, circular dependency detection this tool has unique features that it supports reverse dependency detection, provides smart suggestions and supports 32-bit 64-bit and .NET portable executables all in a single tool.