Power Analysis Attack on Trivium Stream Cipher



  • Rangana De Silva
  • Iranga Navaratna
  • Malitha Kumarasiri


  • Dr. Janaka Alawatugoda


Power analysis attacks are a relatively new type of attack which measures and analyses the power consumption of electronic circuits to extract secret information. These attacks have become a huge threat to the security of embedded systems. Therefore, identifying ciphers which are vulnerable against these type of attacks and developing countermeasures is of paramount importance. Many studies have been done on this topic. However, most of them are on block ciphers. This paper presents an attack done on Trivium, which is a stream cipher. Correlation power analysis (CPA) is used in this attack to analyze the power consumption of the cryptosystem and figure out the secret key.


Chuah, Chai Wen & Alawatugoda, Janaka & Kumarasiri, Malitha & Navaratna, Iranga & Silva, Rangana. (2019). On Power Analysis Attacks against Hardware Stream Ciphers. International Journal of Information and Computer Security. 11. 1. 10.1504/IJICS.2019.10023739.
Tags: Computer and Network Security