Social Media Network for Farmers



  • Ananda N.W.M.T.D.L
  • Chandana K.G.D
  • Jayasundara R.M.S.D


  • Dr. Eng. Kamalanath Samarakoon


Traditionally farmers are the lifeline of a country who contributes to the economy immensely. However, in Sri Lanka, they are unable to receive a sufficient income by selling their harvest. Sometimes they are unable to cover even the cost. The aim of this research is to provide a solution to farmers enabling them to obtain a competitive price for their produce. Though the farming process has several stages, selecting a crop for cultivating in a given season and selling the harvest are important stages which contribute to the profitability. Therefore it was decided to develop a social media-based web application to facilitate the linking of the optimum set of buyers to farmers maximizing the benefits for both parties while minimizing intermediate buyers and sellers. In the developed system there are three main subsystems namely bidding system, transport optimizing and question and answering system. By using these three subsystems it is proposed to provide a solution for not receiving a reasonable income to the farmers. Since this problem forces farmers to quit farming, by introducing this application, it is expected to retain the farmers by making the farming a profit-making enterprise