Softwarization of a VoIP Telephone Network



  • Deepthi Gunasekara
  • Senani Dananjali
  • Chandima Jayawickrama


  • Dr. Asitha Bandaranayake


Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) are very popular concepts in the current networking world. With promising improvements in a network, these two extend to a substantial scope in networking. Basic concept of SDN is to separate the control plane and the data plane of the networking elements while NFV virtualize the networking elements like routers, switches, Network Address Translators (NAT) and firewalls. Both these concepts were emerged as answers to certain concerns like lack of innovativeness, flexibility as well as to improve the programmability of a network. Since the introduction of these concepts, many researches, surveys and practical implementations of both SDN and NFV had been done. These researches, surveys discuss about how SDN and NFV can be used to create programmable networks, ease the management, efficient traffic engineering[1] etc in a broader point of view, applied in various networks. Today we can find many areas like data centers and other networks like campus networks where SDN and NFV implemented. (applications of SDN in SDN-LAN, SDN-WAN, SDN mobile networking etc)

Tags: Computer Networks