The Department of Computer Engineering is the youngest department of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya. Read more about department history → http://www.ce.pdn.ac.lk/department-history

Every student of the faculty has been required to conduct a final year thesis project from the inception of the faculty. Computer Engineering was no different. Every student has completed a thesis project with (individually or as a group) in the final two semesters of the undergraduate.

However, computer engineering was one of the first departments to introduce projects to the majority of the academic courses in every year. This approach to sharpen the technical skills through practical projects has proven to be very successful through the years. As of 2020, many departments of the faculty have adopted this technique.

Several attempts have been undertaken to preserve the records and codebases of the projects being conducted in the department. This website is the successor of those attempts. We hope to maintain a sustainable repository for such information here.

This was developed by Nuwan Jaliyagoda and Akila Karunanayake in 2020 using Jekyll Page Builder, Liquid Syntax and hosted in GitHub pages. The project is open-source and you can find it from here.