How to add a Department Project ?

To add a department project, you need to create a new file ( extension must be .md ) in here using the below template

File Template

layout: project_page_dept
title: "{title of the project}"
caption: "{caption/subtitle of the project}"
nav_order: {the order of the project to be shown in the home page}
permalink: "{url of the project page}"
gh_page: "projects/department_projects/{file name}.md"
thumb_image: "{project thumbnail}"

    - "{ }"
    - "{ }"

    - "{ }"
    - "{ }"

    - { title: '{ link title }', url: '{ url }'}
    - { title: '{ link title }', url: '{ url }'}


{ project description }


Here are several conditions you need to consider:

  • permalink: Please make sure this URL isn't used before
  • gh_page: Filename in this field must be the file name that you are creating
  • project thumbnail: the link should be publically accessible; here are some tricks; Option 3 is the best
  • project description: You can use Markdown syntax to write a short description about the project in here
For the reference, you can see how the files must be created using following 2 files: